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Price ₹499

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Price ₹599

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Normal Art Name Case

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Premium Art Name Case

Price ₹599

Frosted Art Name Case

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Silicon Art Name Case

Price ₹599

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Customize One Plus NORD CE back cover

It’s time to update the look of your OnePlus NORD CE 5g by creating a phone cover. In India, a custom-made back case is now simply available to buy online. Although the designer phone covers on the market may not meet your needs, you can create your own with OMGs. Customers can modify their products using a variety of personalization tools available on OMGs’ official website. The advanced designing and preview tool shows the changes you make to your OnePlus NORD CE’s phone cover. Because a phone cover is meant to protect your smartphone, OMGs ensures that its customers receive high-quality personalized OnePlus phone covers. Only at OMGs stores online can you get personalized phone covers for all smartphone brands and models. Phone covers are available in a variety of materials, as well as different models.

Hard plastic, soft silicone, and regular TPU phone covers are some of the most popular materials for phone cases that can be totally customized. All of these options are long-lasting and reliable when it comes to printing. Matte finish images or words in any color can be added to both hard plastic and soft silicone coverings. To provide long-lasting and fade-resistant printing, we employ advanced UV printers that print the photo right on the back of the phone case. The margins are carefully carved, and the prints have 3D effects made with rich pigments. Now is the best moment to get your One Plus NORD CE 5g phone cover personalized!

Buy One Plus NORD CE 5g cases and covers online in India

Only at OMGs can you discover the greatest One Plus NORD CE personalized phone covers online. The website’s creation feature allows customers to customize the phone cover at each step. Any image you want to put on the back of your phone case can be uploaded. You can also request that any text be printed by simply typing the name, phrase, or quote into the type text field. The font color and font style can also be adjusted from our large variety of font styles. In both hard plastic and transparent phone covers, select a background that complements the rear of your phone case.

Photo prints or text can easily be added to the clear casings. A frosted phone cover is the most recent personalized phone cover available for the One Plus NORD CE 5g. These are fashionable and may be customized in any color to match your phone. Because the main aim of a phone cover is to prevent the phone from damage, OMGs guarantees that you will receive sturdy, high-quality phone covers at your doorstep.