Can Acrylic Photo Frame be mounted on the wall?

When you are shopping for a printed photograph there are many questions that may arise in the buyer’s mind. While that is natural and purchasing should always be done with clarity, finding answers to some questions can be a hassle. This is why we have this blog, to solve your queries related to printing and framing and provide you with the right answers. So read along and explore if the answers here provide any insight into the topic you are looking for. The acrylic photo frames can be bought in various sizes and you can also pick the thickness of the frame. The bigger frames tend to be heavy and the lighter ones can be easily carried. Although acrylic material is lightweight, it may need a good support system to hang in there.

Acrylic photo frame for wall

The pictures that you cherish on your devices for years can be easily printed on acrylic photo frames for walls. You can hang your photos in a modern and classy way. Yes, the acrylics can be mounted on a wall, using multiple methods. Acrylic photos are made of plastic-based material which resembles glass. They are unbreakable and will not shatter if they fall. But that does not reduce the chances of them falling, in fact, they may harm someone while falling. Larger prints can be a danger to kids as well if they are not mounted in a sturdy way. To avoid such a situation you must keep your acrylics affixed using the strongest methods of mounting. Let’s see some of the reliable ways to mount your acrylic photo frames on the wall.

acrylic picture frame of collage photos mounted on wall.
Elevate the look of your room with shiny Acrylic Photos on the wall.

Double-sided tape to keep the walls clean

The lightweight acrylic photo prints can be pasted on the wall using industrial tape. The tape is double sided which makes a strong bond between the wall and the backside of the frame. However, the heavier frames might fall off because of their weight. The double-sided tape also has a limit on the amount of weight they can carry. There are various sizes of acrylic frames in which the smaller sizes can be lightweight whereas the larger ones are pretty heavy. But there are other mounting devices that may come in handy while fixing heavier frames on a wall.

Mounting studs with silver finish

The weight of the acrylic does not only depend upon the size of the frame but also the thickness. As the thickness increases the weight will also increase. This is why even comparatively smaller sizes can be heavy and may not stick properly using the tape. For such big and thick frames, the availability of mounting screws or studs is very important. These come in a silver colour usually which gives your acrylic frame a clean look. The screws are round in shape and thicker in appearance which benefits the frame’s safety. You can easily drill the required holes in the wall, insert and tighten the screws on the frame and voila! You have a brand new picture frame, preserving your memories.

How to take care of acrylic photo frames on the wall?

The frames that are on the wall already also need your attention to stay intact for the long run. When the frames are hung for a long time with adhesive the glue might start to decay and the stickiness of the frame will start to decrease. In the case of the screw system, the loosening of the screws is a matter that will require special care. Here is how you can take care of your acrylics while they are hung on the wall

  • You need to replace the double-sided tape as and when required. You can use this opportunity to change the place of the photo.
  • The screw-mounted frames will need to be tightened whenever you feel the screws are loose.
  • The cleaning of the frames should be done using light pressure so you do not damage the adhesive bond or screw tightening.
  • If the frames have undergone extreme shaking or movement, you must check 0n them to make sure they are affixed to the wall safely.

If you are not sure whether the frame will be sturdy on a wall, you can choose to keep your frames on any furniture in your house. The decorative purposes can be fulfilled easily with acrylic picture frames as they are very versatile and can be kept anywhere. The mounting of the frames can be done using the above methods if you have a solid wall where you want to hang your pictures. You can check our collection of sturdy acrylic frames for the wall that comes with adhesive tapes and mounting studs in a variety of sizes.

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