Samsung Cases


Samsung “S22” Series Cases

Customised Cases from Samsung “S22” Series.

Samsung S22 Ultra Samsung S22 Plus Samsung S22


Samsung “S21” Series Cases

Customised Cases from Samsung “S21” Series.

Samsung S21 Ultra Samsung S21 Plus Samsung S21 Samsung S21 FE


Samsung “S20” Series Cases

Customised Cases form Samsung “S20” Series.

Samsung S20 Ultra Samsung S20 Plus Samsung S20 Samsung S20 FE


Samsung “S10” Series Cases

Customised Cases form Samsung “S10” Series.

Samsung S10 Plus Samsung S10 Lite Samsung S10E Samsung S10


Samsung “S9” Series Cases

Customised Cases form Samsung “S9” Series.

Samsung S9Plus Samsung S9


Samsung “Note20” Series Cases

Customised Cases form Samsung “Note20” Series.

Samsung Note 20 Ultra Samsung Note 20


Samsung “Note10” Series Cases

Customised Cases form Samsung “Note10 & Note 9” Series.

Samsung Note 10 Lite Samsung Note 10 Plus Samsung Note 10 Samsung Note 9


Samsung “F” Series Cases

Customised Cases form Samsung “F” Series.

Samsung F12 Samsung F41 Samsung F42 Samsung F42 ( 5G ) Samsung F62


Samsung “J” Series Cases

Customised Cases form Samsung “J” Series.

Samsung J

Customized Samsung Cases

Set a new trend with a  custom Samsung case from our store! Do this with a variety of high-quality Samsung cases and personalize them to your liking. This is time to reconsider those plain, uninteresting cases in favor of something you created yourself. Customize a protected phone case for your Samsung smartphone with your choice of word, print, emoji, or logo. For all Samsung models on the market, OMGs offers a wide selection of customizing choices. You have the option of having your photo or design printed on the back of your case. Print your name or a favorite statement on the case, or use emojis to personalize it. You may now acquire a phone that is unique to you and represents your individuality. Adding a personal touch to a dull phone cover is a great way to make it stylish. Because not everyone can afford the market’s high customization costs, we offer the best Samsung mobile cases at a low cost.

If you have an expensive Samsung case, you will need a high-quality phone cover for Samsung to safeguard it from damage. You don’t want to ruin your phone by using a crappy cover. All of our bespoke Samsung phone cases come in a variety of materials, including hard plastic, soft silicone, and TPU. At OMGs, we specialize in giving our customers the greatest choice of high-quality products at the most reasonable costs.

Available Samsung Case models

OMGs has a huge collection of personalized back cases for Samsungs. From oldest to latest, all models of Samsung are available on our website. Clear, frosted, or silicone, just pick the model of your phone, design, and place your orders. Available Samsung phone covers are listed below:

  • Samsung F12
  • Samsung Galaxy A22
  • Samsung M32
  • Galaxy A12
  • Galaxy A20
  • Galaxy A21
  • Galaxy A21s
  • Galaxy A30
  • Galaxy A31
  • Galaxy A32
  • Galaxy A50
  • Galaxy A50s
  • Galaxy A51
  • Galaxy A51
  • Galaxy A70
  • Galaxy A70s
  • Galaxy A71
  • Galaxy A72
  • Galaxy A8 plus
  • Galaxy A80
  • Galaxy F41
  • Galaxy F62
  • Galaxy M01
  • Galaxy M02s
  • Galaxy M11
  • Galaxy M12
  • Galaxy M30
  • Galaxy M31
  • Galaxy M31S
  • Galaxy M40
  • Galaxy M42 5G
  • Galaxy M51
  • Galaxy Note 9
  • Galaxy Note 10
  • Galaxy Note 10 Lite
  • Galaxy Note 10 plus
  • Galaxy Note 20
  • Galaxy Note 20 ultra
  • Galaxy S9
  • Galaxy S9 plus
  • Galaxy S10
  • Galaxy S10 lite
  • Galaxy S10 plus
  • Galaxy S10e
  • Galaxy S20
  • Galaxy S20FE
  • Galaxy S20plus
  • Galaxy S20ultra
  • Galaxy S21
  • Galaxy S21plus
  • Galaxy S21ultra

Personalized Samsung case features

Soft-flexible Samsung clear cases, shockproof transparent Samsung cases, drop-proof frosted Samsung cases, and silicon Samsung cases are all available. Our personalized Samsung cases offer the following feature 

  • Lightweight cases (in case of Normal TPU)
  • Multiple case types are available
  • Precise cut-outs
  • High-quality material
  • Perfect fit for the specified model
  • Long-lasting UV print
  • 6 months print warranty
  • Supports wireless charging

You can upload your favorite photo and receive a Samsung photo case that is uniquely yours. Your photograph will be printed in high definition, far superior to anything available in the local market. You have an option to choose your favorite font and further customize it by selecting font color as per your device’s back color. You see all these changes instantly on the live preview tool which is offered by no other e-commerce portal in the country.

Samsung Custom Cases – FAQs

Q: Are your Samsung custom cases transparent?

A: Yes, we sell clear, transparent Samsung custom cases. If not, the case type is mentioned in the product description like frosted, matte, and silicon.

Q: Does a Normal Samsung TPU case offer protection from a drop?

A: Normal Samsung transparent cases keep the device safe from scratches only. They are lightweight cases meant to offer minimum protection, not a complete one. For maximum protection, we recommend you buy a shockproof Samsung case.

Q: What is a custom Samsung shockproof case?

A: Our shockproof case comes with raised edges, precise cut-outs, tough back, and is made of shock-absorbing material to deliver maximum protection to your beloved Samsung. It is the best type of Samsung phone case.

Q: What is a custom Samsung frosted case?

A: Frosted Samsung case has rubberized material on the side and translucent hardback, giving it an iconic look and premium feel while holding and using. The case is made of shock-absorbing material, offering a shockproof feature as well. The detachable red colored buttons further add charm to the premium look.

Q: Do you also offer custom Samsung Silicon cases?

A: Yes, we also offer Silicon Samsung cases which can be personalized too. They have a soft-touch feel, are lightweight, and keep your Samsung safe from minor accidental drops.

Q: Does your soft clear case offer precise cut-outs?

A: Yes, our soft customized Samsung clear case offers precise cut-outs and fits perfectly.

Q: Do you offer free delivery on all orders?

A: Yes, we offer free delivery across India on customized Samsung transparent cases. We have partnered with BlueDart and India Post to offer an ultra-fast premium shipping experience to all our customers across the country.