How to: Create a Nature Photo Wall

Decorating that one wall in your living is one hell of a task. And we have yet another solution for your dilemma, a nature photo wall. Nothing can beat the serene feeling of fresh air, trees swaying with the wind, birds chirping, and a sunset maybe to make it all surreal. But, sitting in your apartment it is near impossible to replicate the landscapes of the countryside. Near impossible because there are chances you will be teleported to beautiful mountains with a wall that impersonates them. It is indeed possible to bring nature home with you using the work of great photographers and some professionals who know the art of printing.

With the right prints and printer, a nature photo can be printed on your preferred material such as canvas paper or acrylic sheet. A traditional framed photo will suit a picture of a dark forest right out of a fantasy book. There are a million ways to intricate the beautiful gifts of nature in our home. And we are here to share some of our tips with you.

The masterpiece in large format

Got a huge wall with no decor? Use it to display your favourite landscape in a huge frame. It could be the picturesque painting of your dream vacation place or a print of a breathtaking photograph of fall foilage or any other flower field for that matter. A large-format photo does justice to the beauty of nature that you do want to display in your house. With high resolutions in HD, the scenes will come to life and you will be able to live the moment. There are many great photographers who capture such sceneries specifically to be displayed in galleries, which you can print for your own little gallery wall.

Forest scenery with trunks of tall trees and an abundance of fallen leaves in the view.
Forest scenery with trunks of tall trees and an abundance of fallen leaves in the view.

If you have planned to fill the wall with multiple frames to create a real gallery view for your visitors then we assume you have the prints handy. You can use your favourite photographs from the travel photographers you adore or your own adventure photographs from camping or vacation. Slick basic frames for a white or neutral coloured wall can go a long way to showcase a minimalistic collection of nature photography. If you want to go all-in, then look for classic engraved frames with motifs and foggy paintings of the mountains and castles.

The staircase wall is a good place to start if you are a beginner with nature art. It gives you space to experiment with prints and change styles anytime you wish without drawing much attention from visitors. Smaller frames for the staircase with a mix and match of different landscapes can help you display more with less. You can also choose a colour palette to make it more interesting.

Split frames

The new way to keep the wall interesting is by dividing the large print into panels of 3, 4 or 5 and hanging them with equal spaces in between. The best way to use multiple frames for a single print is to choose a colour scheme that runs through all individual prints and not a rainbow print. You can choose to hang these pictures in a symmetrical way like a linear arrangement. For a change, you can split the frames in an asymmetrical way for a scattered arrangement that will make a statement in your room. There is no rule for sizing your frames, you can choose long linear frames to cover more space or go with smaller squares for an experimental small arrangement.

Landscape of sunset with trees split into 4 rectangular frames displayed on a wall.
The landscape of sunset with trees split into 4 rectangular frames is displayed on a wall.

Art wall

If you like to draw, paint or sketch other than being a nature fanatic then you can use both your hobbies to create an art wall in your room. Get on to arrange some of your best artworks of landscapes and with the help of mounting tape decorate your wall. Watching your own work being used as an interior decor item, you will not only feel proud but motivated to sketch more. A distinguished scattered arrangement works best but if you like to organize then go ahead and evenly space your artworks.

Nature photographs are typically a wonderful choice for successful wall decoration because they are timeless. Thanks to the photographers’ skills, you may contemplate the world’s most magnificent vistas while staying at home. Mountains, deserts, seas, flowers, and vacation photographs abound in the nature photo collection, and you’ll undoubtedly find enjoyment there. Download, print, and decorate your nature photo board!

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