What thickness to choose for acrylic picture frames?

Are you planning to buy an acrylic frame for your house? They are quite popular among interior designers these days for their versatile nature and elegant prints. You can switch from your traditional framing methods to sophisticated yet bold printing on acrylic sheets. The pictures you have been saving on your computers digitally can finally come out and make your walls shine. You can use your most memorable moments and get them printed on acrylic to hang on the walls. Acrylic frames, unlike their names, are frameless printed photos that you can use without any external covering. They are durable, strong and reflective of light, similar to glass. The resemblance to glass has earned acrylic another name, that is, acrylic glass. But when it comes to purchasing one for yourself, there are many factors at play that you need to consider. One of the most important ones is the thickness of the frame. What thickness of acrylic for picture frames is suitable for your images and the walls of your house?

Showcasing an acrylic print of thickness 8mm and size 21X15 inches.
Customise the size and thickness of your acrylic photo frame with OMGs.

Why is thickness important for frames?

The size of the frame determines how much space you will need for the acrylic frame on any of your walls or furniture. The thickness of the frame determines the weight of the frame which will help in deciding the methods you should use to hang them. If you are purchasing a bigger size then it is only viable that you opt for a thicker frame. It will not only enhance the image but the added thickness will make your frame look more presentable and pleasant. The size and thickness combined together can change the whole look of your frame as well as the ambience they are added to. The larger sizes of the acrylic frames are usually not available in lesser thicknesses as they will not look desirable.

The recommended thickness for different frames ranges from 2mm-10mm. Smaller frames look appealing in a 3mm thickness while the larger prints are preferred in 8mm. You can find a variety of different sizes and thicknesses for acrylic picture print in online stores. They have a wide collection of frame templates and sizes which will definitely fulfil your needs. The most popular online store which is OMGs will solve all your problems regarding the size and thickness of acrylic frames. Their customisation services and choices in acrylic prints can help you achieve your home decor goals. With both 3mm and 8mm thicknesses available for all the sizes in acrylic frames, you can make your custom prints on acrylic.

How to choose the perfect thickness for your acrylic frame?

There are many things to consider before choosing the perfect thickness for your acrylic print. Every factor can affect the theme of your house decor and how you can present your images printed on acrylic. Make sure you go through each of these to choose the perfect fit for your space.

  1. The first and foremost thing is the wall where you will hang or mount your frame. It is very crucial to know the available space you will use for your frames, as it will give you an insight into what size of the frame you can use.
  2. The picture that you have chosen to be printed on acrylic is also an important factor. It will help you to select the frame template, size and thickness of the frame. If you are using a self-portrait to display on your bedside, you might want a smaller size. But if you are going to display a landscape then it is advised to choose a larger size.
  3. If you have chosen a theme for your decor then you might want to consider the theme to pick a suitable image and frame. A gallery wall will need multiple smaller frames. You can insert one single larger frame with a greater thickness for a modern and elegant view.
  4. What method will you use to mount your images? If your walls support screws then you can easily purchase 8mm thick acrylic frames for your walls. They come with mounting screws in larger sizes. Smaller sizes or 3mm frames usually come with industrial-level double-sided tape, which you can use to stick the frame on the wall. Both of the methods are supportive of acrylic frames.
  5. The room or space where you wish to use your acrylic frame also affects the type or thickness of the frame you decide to purchase. Smaller rooms call for compact frames, which can be 3mm in thickness and smaller in size. Bedrooms, living rooms, outdoor walls, etc can use larger or smaller prints with 8mm thickness.

We hope these tips come in handy to you when you start your online shopping for graceful home decor with acrylic frames. The list of methods on what thickness for acrylic frames will be suitable for your requirements is curated for our customers and readers. You can read more about the order process if you are wondering how to print pictures on acrylic.

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